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The gator smackaroo is a form of sex being popularized in 2020, it involves the guy spinning his penis while inside the women (just like alligators spin when they bite something) and then they go and take a bite of the right cheek for good luck.
Guy 1: “Wow look at those people in the woods what are they doing?”

Guy 2: “He’s performing the gator smackaroo watch out”
by Dog shampoo February 14, 2021
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A Simp is someone who is overly nice to women with the goal to get in a relationship with them even if it means ditching his best friends. They usually never get any women tho.
Dude 1:Jack won’t stop talking to the girls and he doesn’t hang out with the boys.

Dude 2: He is a simp
by Dog shampoo March 22, 2020
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A heterosexual squid that likes to prey on on smaller white squids who’s only method of scaling the giant squid is to run away
Dude: look at that guy he is bullying all the little kids, all they ca do is run away

Dude 2: he is a T Moff
by Dog shampoo March 19, 2020
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