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kickass song by BNL.

what's so maybe about, what's so maybe about, what's so maybe about katie?
by Dnf December 2, 2003
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When we leave work we should get dnf
by Dnf December 24, 2014
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When a man, or woman, takes there hand and grabs a woman's, or man's, boobs with their fingers and squeezes and turns the breast until it hurts. Some people get offended by this becuz its mostly men trying to touch womens breasts.
My boyfriend grabbed by tit and gave me a tittie twister and i thought my boob fell off!
by Dnf December 30, 2005
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"your such an idiot" a term used when your in love with your bestfriend
bestfriend 1 : Ugh
Bestfriend 2 : your such an idiot
by Dnf August 1, 2021
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