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n. a bonus in attractiveness females in the military gain when they are deployed to forward combat zone. For example, if one were to grade women on a scale of 1-10, a real-world grade of 3 would get a deployment handicap of +5, resulting in a composite score of 8. The amount of the handicap can vary on the length of the deployment and the quantity of other females in the forward combat zone.

This bonus is in no way related to any conscious effort on the part of a female to improve her appeal during the deployment, such as far-fetched plans to lose 20 pounds. The handicap has its roots in men who do not want to penalize themselves for lowering their standards during lengthy deployments and need to justify the cow they find themselves fucking. Frequently used to describe the phenomenon of young, fit, attractive males sleeping with fat, ugly bitches while they are deployed.

Excessive application of a deployment handicap may result in deployment pussy.
Whew! Even with her deployment handicap, she's only a 4...
by Dirty Gil January 18, 2009
n. a state of mind females in the military can begin to exhibit after being deployed to a forward combat zone. The amount of time requisite before a female will begin to demonstrate "deployment pussy" varies. This state of mind is characterized by an unreasonable belief in their own beauty, but can manifest itself in many ways including, but not limited to: treating all men as if they want to fuck the female demonstrating "deployment pussy", behaving as if there is nothing they can do which is incorrect or unreasonable, sexually taunting or tempting any male within arm's reach. This behavior is closely related to deployment handicap.
2LT Garrett has the worst case of deployment pussy I've ever seen! She thinks every swingin' dick on this FOB wants to fuck her!
by Dirty Gil January 18, 2009
adj. Prounounced vadge. A truncation of the noun vagina, used to describe something as having feminine qualities. Does not carry any positive connotations. Usually references music, television, movies, but can be applied to anything possessing a weak, often sappy core or thematic element.

v. to listen to music, watch a movie or participate in any activity that involves something possessing a weak or sappy nature.
When he put on "How Stella Got Her Groove Back", he had put on a vag-flick.

Evanesence is vag-rock.

My sister and her friends are vagging out to "Sex In The City".

The party that had nothing but margaritas and techno music was completely vag.
by Dirty Gil January 18, 2009
n. An asshole, esp. that of a young girl, which is tight, pink and hairless in appearance. Works best when the asshole is puckered up in anticipation of painful penetration.
Man, I wanna fuck that throbbing little rabbit nostril.
by Dirty Gil January 18, 2009
n. anyone who enlisted in the military and was able to score over 90 on the ASVAB, therefore qualifying for any job OTHER than the infantry, artillery or cavalry.
That fobbit never has to ruck or dodge bullets. I wish I had his job.
by Dirty Gil January 18, 2009