3 definitions by Dick Longley

A slang term combining the words "fuck" and "retard". It is used when a person commits an act of unbelievable stupidity.
"Hey, did you hear? Tony's mom caught him jacking off to pedophile/bondage/rape/scat/golden shower hentai!"

"God, he is such a fucktard."
by Dick Longley December 2, 2003
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A person, typically female, who trades sexual favors in return for illicit drugs. They can be found in most trailer parks and ghettos in America.
Dick Longley is a crackwhore. Seriously, he will fuck anyone for one tiny crack rock.
by Dick Longley March 5, 2003
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A negative term applied to something homosexual in nature. It typically applies to homosexual stereotypes, such as men who perform in Broadway musicals.
No, I will not let you anally fist me. I don't participate in such faggotry.
by Dick Longley March 5, 2003
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