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A beautiful island in the Balaeric Islands, off the coast of Spain. Heavily forested and has many centuries-old buildings. The local languages are Spanish and Catalonian but most locals speak good English. The food includes stuff like a burger with a whole egg on top. Very quiet and laid-back.
I visited Menorca and it was great!
by Diamond volcano February 26, 2021
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To be a sore loser and refuse to accept defeat.
Man, this guy tried to sue us because we beat him at Mario Kart and went on a Twitter rant about it, then accused Nintendo of rigging the game, he's such a Donald Trump.
by Diamond volcano November 11, 2020
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A great and really interesting town on the south coast of England. Famous for being LGBT friendly, but also a great place to relax by the sea, take in great views from the i360 tower, or eat breakfast, lunch or dinner with a view of the English Channel. Very hilly with nice colourful buildings. The locals are also very friendly.
Brighton is a cool place to go on holiday.
by Diamond volcano February 26, 2021
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