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She is the cutest, sweetest and the most perfect girl in the entire universe. She's a lot of things she's a Tsundere, a Tsukkomi, Adorable, Kind-hearted, Responsible and also a huge sweetie pie and she's also worrys about her weight a lot because she loves to eat snacks. She is a perfect older sister to Tsukasa and a great friend and an even better wife. Kagami also looks out for her friends and cares about them very much even though she has a hard time showing it (Konata makes it difficult for her).
Person: "I love Lucky Star! Konata is best girl."

Me: "Kagami Hiiragi is definitely the best"
by Dhchbsjxhnxdg vbbbn March 21, 2019
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Big virgins who throw pissy fits over the heroic Hedgehog and instead like fat racist plumbers.
Sonic Hater: sonic is bad and I hate him Mario is better.

God: noob
by Dhchbsjxhnxdg vbbbn April 1, 2019
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He be a bacon hair noobie and gets bullied cause he has no Roux. He loves the cereal bacon flakes and his wife is Albert/ Flamingo and he kisses him too (a lot) He died 335 times this year so that's pretty epic.
Su Tart: I don't want to go to scCool I need ROUX.

Su Tart Dad: Yes

Su Tart: Ok
by Dhchbsjxhnxdg vbbbn October 28, 2019
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A man whom is lacking a shirt
Guy: *is not wearing a shirt*

Person: Omg that is a shirtless man!
by Dhchbsjxhnxdg vbbbn March 18, 2019
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