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An incredibly sloppy drunk. Reduced to basic motor functions and speech patterns. Becomes very confrontational, despite the fact that he is a total vagina. Often exhibits hillbilly behavior, ranting about the "good ol' boys back home in Cinci" and how "things would be so damn good if there weren't girls around." Most believe he is either asexual or homosexual (catcher only) and is believed to have an inch and a half erection although it has never been seen by human eyes. Prefers that ghetto booty, if anything.
Person A :"Oh my god, that kid just managed to die 37 times in a team slayer game."

Person B: "Yea I know what a T-Sauce, I bet he was too busy jerking off a dude or something."

Person A: "Look at the kid falling down a hill, such a T-sauce".


Person A: "Hey do my laundry you T-sauce ass bitch"
T-Sauce: "Fuck off, I'm gonna get drunk.... But does you want downy or tide?"
by Derek (The gay one) February 25, 2008
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