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High School Drama is just stupid shit that you do not want to listen to and its just pathetic, it's the shit only dumb ass kids bring up jealous ones, and people who have no brains that like to start shit and spred rumors plus all of that mumbo jumbo.
Not Cool Friends: Hey Johnny come into the bathroom we want to show you something cool.

Johnny: What, what do you want to show me.

Not Cool Friends: Just something come on.

Johnny: O.K.

Not Cool Friends:Laughing and Gigling

Johnny: Ok I'm leaving:

Not Cool Friends: Why did you leave?

Johnny: Because I saw the same kid in there that said he wanted to fight me haha what a joke you guys are.

Not Cool Friends: Ohh well he said he wanted to fight you

Johnny: Nah guys how many times do I have to tell you I do not know this kid and it's pathetic how you where leading me to some dumb kid who wants to fight me for no reason haha you guys are lame friends.

Johnny: yup that highschool drama.
by Deputy Thunda June 12, 2008

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