9 definitions by DemonicMonkey347

The most overrated superhero, and hero in general, in history
Batman is the best; he handles any situation with ease.
by DemonicMonkey347 November 24, 2022
What all of society is based upon
It's practically impossible to get anywhere without money.
by DemonicMonkey347 December 6, 2022
Thor after he acquired rune magic and omniscience
Rune King Thor is by far the most powerful version of Thor out there.
by DemonicMonkey347 November 24, 2022
Any vertebrate that's not a fish. Also any vertebrate with four limbs. This includes snakes, which don't have any limbs but their ancestors did.
Mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians are all tetrapods.
by DemonicMonkey347 November 24, 2022
When a woman ceases to exist due to excessive strain on her birth tract during or after giving labor.
I think it's safe to say that both the guy who impregnated the woman and the lack of contraceptives are ultimate murderers that caused the woman's maternal death.
by DemonicMonkey347 December 5, 2022
The inevitable and irreversible end of ALL biological entities
All living things are part of the circle of life and, therefore, have to meet their death at some point in time, either by old age, illness, or severe injury.
by DemonicMonkey347 November 19, 2022