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Shortened way of saying "snail mail box."
(Getting back home from the mall with a friend, standing at the unlocked door) "Make yourself comfortable while I go check my snail box."
by Deaf Drummer February 19, 2008

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A person who panics during epidemics or pandemics. Thinking and judgment is usually suspended, resulting in spontaneous reactions rather than proactive actions.
(Sigh) when will these swine whiners learn to keep their bodies clean on the inside so they don't get sick in the first place?
by Deaf Drummer April 30, 2009

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Any person of a faith whose goal is to enslave people's thought processes through indoctrination and sometimes punishment, whether mental or physical, and does not have consideration for other people's beliefs.
The religious insurgents in that part of the war were identified as christians of the Roman Catholic faith.

by Deaf Drummer February 19, 2008

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The state of of living that is not in a mortal sense; spiritual state after we die.

This is derived from a belief that before we come to in our present bodies, we know who we were before and how we got here, our memories are blocked upon injection or transference into mortal bodies, and these memories are returned to us upon physical death.
Is it possible that when we die physically, we return to our spiritual, exmortal state where we can reflect upon our living experiences, consolidating and updating our knowledge before returning for another cycle of mortal living?
by Deaf Drummer June 04, 2010

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Having the runs or diarrhea while sitting on the toilet, suffering such pain and nausea that one physically shakes.
Poor dear... Ever since she ate that spicy dinner last night, she's been quaking on the loo.
by Deaf Drummer June 01, 2010

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One who tries to spread the word of a religion, esp. those of western religions, including going from residence to residence hanging religious paraphernalia on door knobs and fences unobtrusively or going so far as to knock on such doors to donate bibles, CDs, DVDs, and other media promoting their faith, or even accosting people in public to elicit a discussion about their faith and why theirs is the One Right Way to follow.
"Aw, man... These modern inquisitors are at it again... Pushing their beliefs into people's faces with those CDs even in neighborhoods that are clearly ethnic in lifestyles. They need to respect other people's beliefs."
by Deaf Drummer February 09, 2010

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Passing lots of gas; excessive flatulence.
Wow, look at all these bean burritos! We're going to farty hardy tonight!
by Deaf Drummer December 16, 2008

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