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Cynicism; (noun); Derived from the Greek word for dog, it first described a current of Ancient Greek philosophy. The cynic ringleader Diogenes of Sinope was described as "Socrates gone mad". The cynics pursued The Good without minding any other values. This meant they could jerk of at dinner tables, shit in public and live in barrells. Diogenes was said to live '"like a dog", hence the name, cynicism.

Nowadays, cynicism means an attitude in life that is conscious about morally bad or evil acts, but makes a joke out of them or commits them anyway. The cynic is blasé, he thinks everything is stupid or redundant and tends to sigh a lot.

Cynicism is said to be linked to hypocrisy. The hypocrite wants to convince other people of the fact that he is doing the right thing, whereas he knows he is not. The cynic doesn't want to convince anybody. He is honest to the extreme. His friends tend to describe him as dark, evil, terribly offensive or hilariously funny.

"Yesterday my aunt died. Well, at least we got free coffee."

"Global poverty is a real problem. Then again, so are pigeons."

"Women should have the right to vote for any man they want to surpress them."

"Yesterday my girlfriend told me she was pregnant. So I pushed her of the stairs. She fell down and bled all over the floor. Now I have to get a new rug. Fuck my life."
by De laatste cynicus May 14, 2010
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When someone looks at a guy in a swimsuit, or in tight boxers, and misinterprets the size of the penis in it. Usually, bulge misinterpretation (or BMI) is only used when the estimate was in the favour of the estimand, i.e. several sizes too large.
"I met him in the swimming pool, and I really thought he was packing, but turns out I made quite the bulge misinterpretation! I was thinking salami, but it was more like frankenweenie."

"That's such a bummer! He looks sweet though..."
by De laatste cynicus June 14, 2016
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(Noun; alt: Twittingspree) A burst of ten, twenty or more tweets in a short time after a prolonged period of twitter abstinence.
Wow, there are 56 tweets of @frankdhanis on my homepage, that guy is going on a twitspree!
by De laatste cynicus March 12, 2016
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