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1. A Canadian city located in British Columbia that is surrounded by beautiful scenery (e.g. mountains, water, parks, etc.).
2. A city whose citizens feel the need to remind you over and over again just how beautiful the city is, and just how pathetic and square you are from being from the province of Ontario.
1. Stanley Park, the Coast Range Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, mild temperatures, blah, blah, blah, it's impressive.
2. Person from Vancouver: You want to go smoke a joint and hang out on the beach?
Person from anywhere else: Sounds good, but I have to go cash a cheque at the bank first.
Person from Vancouver: Cash a cheque? What the hell is wrong with you? You must be from Toronto, you poor thing, such an ugly city with rude people. I hate Ontario, there's no good pot or drift wood there. Vancouver is the best, look around, this place is so much better than any other place in our solar system.
by De Beauvoir's Boy February 01, 2005

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1. A person who studies philosophy in school.
2. A person who has the ability to argue, prove anything and everything.
3. A person who has an existential crisis every 4 months.
4. A person who will need financial support from their parents/engineering friends after graduation.
5. A person who attends manyphilosophy student party's.
Sara: Whoah John, you look puzzled, what happened?
John: I'm not sure whether or not I really exist.
Sara: Well why the sudden confusion about your existence John?
John: I was just talking to my friend Billy, he's a philosophy student.
Sara: I see, that usualy happens when you talk to them. I try and avoid philosophy student encounters. Quick, let's get you to a science class fast!
by De Beauvoir's Boy January 26, 2005

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1. Governor of Judea.
2. Fictional character from Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ.
2. Member of a subversive movement that seeks to undermine the traditional naming of years in relation to Christ's life (i.e. BC and AD to BCE and CE).
3. Guy who bitchslapped Christ, but not literally (i.e. other Romans actually did the bitchslapping for him).
1. Hey look, there's that Roman guy Pilate washing his hands compulsively.
2. Guy who wishes he had used the stock option instead of salary pay in his film contract.
3. Pilate: Ya, ok, the son of God? Christ? You sure have some nerve calling yourself that. Tony, Biagio, get this guy outta here.
by De Beauvoir's Boy January 26, 2005

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