2 definitions by Dave Mocerra

(Adj.) 1) The state of being ready for anal sex. More specifically being ready to have one's anus penetrated. 2) Needing to have your anus penetrated by any sort of phallus-like object.
Example 1
Guy: Honey are you in the mood for anal?
Girl: You bet, I'm totally georgealicious
Example 2
Guy 1: From now on its mandatory to know the definition of "Georgealicious"
Guy 2: I know what it is and I'm totally georgealicious
Guy 1: Let's go to the bathroom and work it out.
by Dave Mocerra December 12, 2006
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One who has heterosexual tendencies only after drinking.
After drinking two Budweisers, Donny began questioning if he could pull off cargo shorts. He is a two brew bro.
by Dave Mocerra July 1, 2018
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