3 definitions by Darude Sandstorm

The person who burns too much money to become a softcore pornstar. Note the term 'softcore'.
Hey, did you see the new nicki minaj song
No, my parents dont let me watch porn
by Darude Sandstorm May 22, 2015
The act of squeezing your cock from the balls to the genitals in the hopes that you may shoot out a tad more cum because you fapped and lost all of your cum that you should've used on your gf.

Not to be confused by computers regurgitating USBs.
Willy wanked his cock, but so little came out that he tried ejectculation to get more cum. The next day his gf didn't get pregnant and she thought Willy was a girl.
by Darude Sandstorm May 22, 2015
When you are having sexual intercourse and cum in her without warning or in other words, "from outta no where!"
I was having sex with my girl and RKO'd her from outta no where.
by Darude Sandstorm February 1, 2015