3 definitions by Darren McWilliam

Something you put in cup a soup.
Wow thats one mighty big crouton you have there.
by Darren McWilliam March 1, 2008
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1. Girth is the circumference of a cylindrical object.

2. Is often used to describe the thickness of someones penis.

3. Can be refered to as a scent in which homosexual men or straight women may like to get slapped across their neck or can lead to their "Girth" getting sucked which results in spraying some lovely juices into their mouth.
1. Wow check the girth of that <insert cylindrical object>.
Examples could include fruit pastles packet, a finger or a pipe.

2. Holy crap did you see Johnny give Girth to Sally last night, that shit is extreme.

3. Shit man did you see him/her get some of Calvin Kleins Girth Slapped into his/her mouth yesterday. I watched it on the net it was fucked up! He has some girth and the Jesus Juice went all over his/her chest!!
by Darren McWilliam March 3, 2008
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John: Where did you buy her from?
Bill: Don't be silly John I never bought this whore I just obtained her from the whorest.
John: Ah the whorest what is that?
Bill: The whorest is simply a forest in which whores live.
John: I always wondered why there was so much bush around here.
by Darren McWilliam October 29, 2008
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