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Greatest sports club in the history of the world. Regularly shit on the Gay as all hell Boston red Faggots! Winners of 26, count'em, 26 world championships in the last 80-something years compared to the boston fag boys 1!
The NY Yankees didn't just beat the ever living piss out of the Red Sox they straight shat in they mouths and fucked they mothers at the same damn time!
by Daragh "innit?" McGuinness July 19, 2006
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Rhyming Slang for dropping a load aka Taking a big ass shit!
If I don't drop a Lymph Node soon I'm gonna shit all over the subway floor.
by Daragh "innit?" McGuinness July 31, 2006
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One of the crappest artists of all time who admitted to recording his first album in between wanks in his room at his mother's house. His sister natasha is fit little whore who cant sing or write songs either no matter how hard the slapper tries. hopefully we will never hear from either of this ear murderers again!
Daniel Bedingfield is not only a crap singer/songwriter he is also up for Britain and World Tosser of the year!
by Daragh "innit?" McGuinness July 20, 2006
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The Most Horrible City on the Planet filled with Junkies, AIDS patients and criminals who should all be quarantined and a nuclear bomb should be dropped on this disgusting Wasteland!
Everyone I know from benidorm is an AIDS infested whore minger!
by Daragh "innit?" McGuinness July 24, 2006
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some douchebag terrorist probably
Abu Ali al-Husain ibn Abdallah ibn Sina sucked a bunch of dick and then blew himself up on a crowded bus!
by Daragh "innit?" McGuinness August 02, 2006
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A shit stinking city in Spain full of cum guzzling faggots and filthy whores!
Everyone in cordoba has aids because they are duisgusting fuck ups who should all die!
by Daragh "innit?" McGuinness July 24, 2006
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