1 definition by Danz Marston Venegance

A plane of existence that has a fine civilization and caters to the only things keeping it stable. The people. Vesta works so that life may work. Vesta is the embodiment of a functioning society that has been accomplished in an individual's mind. Except, on a much broader scale. A place where any belief can be expressed without persecution. The people who run it are philosophical minds that see the world for what it really is, and what it really could become in proper conditions. The ideal human paradise.
"I want to create a Vesta for my family. A better environment."

"I have put together a little Vesta in the backyard, a garden with luscious foliage and colorful, assorted arrays of flowers and a running stream. Tranquility and harmony itself."
by Danz Marston Venegance August 23, 2012