2 definitions by Danny Deezy

1) Having lots of sex

2) When the girl puts out just so u will shut the fuck up

3) When the girl wakes up half way through and says "Ew, Get the fuck off of me"
Dude I was sleep fucking Sara and she woke up and started screaming "Ew get the fuck off of me!!" Made that mad pussy just that much better.
by Danny Deezy September 11, 2009
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A person who likes sex and/or sexual acts with children before they hit puberty, preferably little boys.
Hey Marge, I was looking on the intranet and I found out that there's a convicted chomo on the corner or Elm and 8th Street.

Oh yea? Better send our kids there this Halloween.
by Danny Deezy September 11, 2009
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