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He is a Spanish youtuber who is a complete jerk, he makes videos that do not make any sense like making fun of other people's calamities,
denigrate and harassing girls or womens, as he calls them "feminazis lowcost",
Make "criticisms" of things he hate, without arguments for example the education. and crappy clickbait videos for earn money. he has fans generally childrens or teenagers who he calls "pambisitos" who see and have fun with his ridiculousness, follow him everywhere and defend him if other people insult him.
He has also been reported for intrafamily violence for mistreating his girlfriends, overexploiting his 10-year-old sister in his videos and his friend with "heart problems" as he puts it in the title.
He only lives on YouTube, has no job and calls himself, actor, book writer, dj, video game programmer, talking about video games, he "created" a video game called "Fur Fun" which was criticized by many, in addition to Jimquisition for the poor quality that was the "game".

He is one of the most hated youtubers of the Hispanic community of youtube.
many people criticize it with arguments or truths on twitter or youtube and he blocks them.
Many people dedicate videos with arguments or parodies against him and he reports them to be eliminated. it is not known if he has another psychopath personality or any other mental illness.

in conclusion DalasReview is a shit of person.
Do you like DalasReview videos? No, DalasReview videos is for stupid people.
by DalasReview_is_sh*t February 27, 2018
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