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Admit it, you searched this to see "get the very shitty mug"
UrbDic inc: get the very shitty mug


Smith: why would u search it up then lol
by Da fake slim shady February 13, 2023
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the act of ramming into an object- that be a building, person, crowd, minivan, tree, pole, school, walmart, etc.- with a car, usally a hellcat

or in simple terms, the act of ramming into a building with a hellcat.

comes from the time when a dumb autistic scizophrenic nazi-obsessed swastika-drawing edgelord rammed into a crowd of protesters in a gray hellcat, injuring 35 people, and killing a random woman, in charolettesville virginia.
phone call

slim shady: i pulled a charlottesville on a supermarket in ohio today.

john: did any1 die?

slim shady: fuck yes. i shot every1 with 2 glock 18s after that.

john: what is wrong with yo-

slim shady: *pulls a charloettesville into johns house and kills john and his gf*

below is a scenario of hellcats pulling a charlottesville on some stupid redcoats in 1776 A.D. (totally not historically innacurate)
by Da fake slim shady October 19, 2023
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