2 definitions by Da Rotten TunaMan

A sandwich, with pale hard stale bread, with a sickly white color whiter than an Irishman’s armpits. Also comes with green ham with rotting holes in it, black cold moldy cheese, rotten tuna, live sardines squirming around, and boiling mayonnaise that’s been rotting in the hot direct desert sun for weeks and that is imported on a hot sweaty cargo plane. Also the side is big fat cold clammy wet dark green pickles with huge bumps the size of herpies bumps on the side.
I tried the infamous Vlassic dish at the deli and was throwing up for hours, after I lost 20 pounds vomiting my lungs out I went to the ER and got my stomach pumped. Never eating that again !!!!!
by Da Rotten TunaMan May 23, 2020
The study of Rotten Deli Food that is so gross it is “out of this world” in Outer Space
Instead of studying planets which is astronomy, I’m studying what happens to raw black moldy cheese and stale hard bread once it is exposed to spaces frigid temperatures also known as pastronomy.

Yo bro did you pass your pastronomy exam?
by Da Rotten TunaMan January 30, 2020