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A meal served in McDonald now called "Suicidal Destruction Meal" in the modern days.

Poorly educated, stupid sad workers are hired in McDonalds making "HappyMeals" everyday, as a little kid used 50 gallons of air to beg his dad to take him to McDonalds, wasting 20 mile of gas. Then, the kid spends $15 to buy a meal instead of a shirt, then get fat.
After noticing it's global warming because of wasting 50 gallons of air to beg his dad to take him there and wasting 20 miles of gas and $15 of money instead of a shirt and adding weight to Earth by getting fat, he sues McDonald.
Little Kid: I want HappyM.....-
Daddy-Son of a bitch.

*Argues for about 30 minute, causes their relation to get worse, argues more, use 2,000 gallons of air to argue each day, causes smog to overpopulate over Los Angeles, smog covers the sky, the plants starts losing sunshine, causes more people to die from heat, causes a lot of tears and suicidal, causes more cars to use gasoline to try "saving" them, causes global warming to get worst, and cause human extinction.
Happy Meal is evil. DONT BUY THEM!
by DONT BUY HAPPY MEAL! August 30, 2009

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