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Noun: Player, Used to describe one who is the "KING OF THE SEAS". This mofo will put a cap in yo ass if you even look at him wrong. Don't cross with Tej or it may just be the last thing you do.
-(Puss): I saw Tej walking down the street yesterday and I almost shit my pants. I had to hide in a trash can for the rest of the day

-(Chuck Norris): Shit every time I hear the word "Tej", I get reminded of that time where he beat my ass with a candlestick

-(Aunt Jemima): Tej will put the syrup in yo pancakes

-(Colonel Sanders): Tej is too drunk to taste this chicken

-(Allah): Praise me bitches (see's Tej), O SHIT, PRAISE TEJ, TEJ, TEJ.......(blows himself up)
by DON'T_KILL_ME_TEJ January 27, 2009
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