3 definitions by Crazy cow

A weak willed male in a position of authority. Hereditary rulers who defer to their advisers are the typical example. Counterpart to Epsilon female, though these are comparatively rare.
He only ever got the nomination because the party insiders knew he'd be easy to control. He's a typical Epsilon male.
by Crazy cow January 31, 2014
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When a USB is facing the wrong way and cannot fit into a port no matter which direction the user attempts to insert it in. A quantum state USB usually collapses after it is turned around once.
"My quantum state USB is a little annoying sometimes, but it reminds me that the universe is more mysterious and fascinating than I can ever grasp"
by Crazy cow March 25, 2014
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The only meal you need, eaten at any time of day and usually very large. Usually used by people with hectic, irregular schedules.
My schedule is so busy I only have a half hour for brulupper today.
by Crazy cow October 15, 2011
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