2 definitions by Crater, Esq.

A penis that is so small that it is inverted, much like a crater
Samantha: Oh My God, please whip it out John
John: *whips it out*
Samantha: Ew, it's a crater penis!!!!
by Crater, Esq. December 23, 2010
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A sexually transmitted disease (STD) contracted only by students attending Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

It is an amalgamation of every sexually transmitted disease known to mankind contracted by FSU students who engage in coitus and other promiscuous activities on the FSU campus with multiple partners.

Its epidemiology shows that it is most common among students involved in Greek Life and all other students who just party really damn hard.
John: "God damn, pull out my racks! I have those love pains in my groin and these nasty painful discharges...and a high fever...and weird spots on my skin....and bugs crawling in my pubic hairs."

Laura: "Sounds like you've got The Seminole!"

John: "Damn my life of seediness and debauchery!"
by Crater, Esq. January 19, 2012
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