4 definitions by Copperspot of the Undercity

Nickname for the anus of a female because of the similarity of tastes between the anus and a penny
I was 69'ing with my girlfriend and I saw her Copperspot so I gave it a lick
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A Level of Hotness for a Girl. Smashables are girls that you would definately have sex with sober, willingly and quickly if given the chance. Smashables are right behind the top tier of hotness which is Edible
Yeah there are a bunch of Smashables in the bar tonight.
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One of the lowest designations for a girl in the Hotness index. A tankable is a girl that you need at least a 6 pack in you before you think about having sex with
Meh that chick is only tankable lets drink more
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The top tier in the Girl hotness chart above smashables. An edible female is a girl that is so hot that you would lick her copperspot without any hesitation there are no girls hotter than edibles. Many believe that girls of this magnitude are too good for toilet paper and commonly offer their tongue for the Girl to wipe there bum with
That girl is straight edible, Toilet Paper is way to abrasive for that sweet Copperspot
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