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"LSD and Mushrooms are the only psychs I've tried."
by Cog Sex May 23, 2023
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Hold on to your neural implants, folks, because we're diving deep into the world of BCI sex, also known as "because I sex." It's the mind-blowing fusion of brain computer interface and naughty time. With BCI sex, you're not just watching porn, you're strapping on your brain machine interface and becoming the star of your very own neuro-erotic adventure. It's like being the director, the actor, and the audience all at once - a one-person show of pleasure. Your brain becomes the ultimate pleasure playground, giving you sensations you never knew existed. It's a whole new level of "because I sex" - because you can, because it's wild, and because why the hell not? So, if you're ready to unlock the secrets of your mind and explore uncharted territories of pleasure, grab your BCI and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. Just remember, things might get a little messy, so have some brain wipes handy. Now, let the "because I sex" adventure begin! Get ready for sex 2.0!
"Have you tried bci sex? Its like sex 2.0."
by Cog Sex May 27, 2023
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Well, hello there! Are you ready for some brain-tastic action? Let me introduce you to cog sex, the ultimate brain computer interface sexual experience. It's like a game of "Operation," but instead of a buzzer, you get a jolt of pleasure every time you successfully connect with your computer. It's like a virtual dance-off, but instead of grooving with a person, you're grinding with your CPU. So, plug in, turn on, and get ready to get your cog on. Just don't forget to wear a helmet, because this ride might blow your mind - quite literally!
"Hey bro have you checked out the pawg on the cog?"

"Na I need to renew my cog sex subscription."
by Cog Sex May 23, 2023
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