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The slapping of one's Cock repeatedly. Usually a preferred method of violence against another for sexual reasons.

One is often not enough, therefore needing more than one Cockslap.
Cockslapper : Hey, what the fuck? Do u want me to Cockslap you again?

Cockslappee : Please No, anything but the Cockslaps!
by Cockslappin' since '94 May 18, 2010

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Much like 5 o'clock shadow, but for those who have just started shaving, and their beard/mustache/sideburns have not become thick enough to develop by 5 o'clock, but 3 days later. It would have the same length after 3 days as a fully developed beard would have by 5 o'clock.
Jim: Hey Bob, you've gotta nice mustache, what'd you grow that today?

Bob: LOL, oh no, its just my 3 day shadow. I've gotta shave it again today.
by Cockslappin' since '94 June 04, 2010

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