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Pooty-doo when your pussy smells worse than your booty doo
Vanessa fine I would smash if it wasn’t for the pooty-doo
by Clint Morning Wood April 11, 2019

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No manners a girl with sloppy head game slurping, spits on dick
Man bro she gave me head with no manners
by Clint Morning Wood November 21, 2015

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When people see you got your shit together they always want to hold you to a higher standard. Like when a female been fucking with niggas for a bag of weed but when you come along she need dinner ,a movie and a bill paid.
Yo remember that bitch Candace niggas was smashing for a Springfield soda and a bag of Cheetos..? Yo why she try to give me the $100 burger
by Clint Morning Wood May 25, 2019

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A crip that’s usually known for really bad body oder including dirty hands, cloths, shoes and socks. Says cuz repetitively with a white film or saliva in corners of his lips. White boxers may appear yellow/brown in color and usually has basketball shorts on under jeans.aka Dirty cuz every crip hood has 1.
A put the blunt away here come Dirty cuz .
by Clint Morning Wood May 20, 2019

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