1 definition by Christopher Scott Woodfried NIcholson

I first heard the definition for "jewish" when I was 5 years old. It was used in reference to something that was messed up, convoluted, overly complex, requiring going through a maze and involving more money then it would necessarily require. He always used the word in reference to something (whatever situation) that was 10X more of a pain, like going through 10 screen doors to get somewhere and each screen door had a fee to get through it or required a certain person's signature or greenlight.
It seems that the word "janked" is now replacing "fucked up" and "messed up" and "jewish." But when I was little I head the word "jewish" used in the following context: You have a check from the US Treasury and you go to the bank to cash it and the bank teller tells you that it will take two weeks to clear.
And the US Treasury happens to be across the street. He would say "that's jewish." Meaning: dumb, lame, needlessly complex and incredibly stuupid. However, as I mentioned previously, the neutral slang word "janked" now seems to be all the rage because it doesn't prick ears like hearing "fucked up" or "jewish."
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