1 definition by Christian Coker

1. Comes from the Supreme Alphabet, derived from the teachings of the Nation of Islam and the Nation of Gods and Earths, a system of interpreting text and finding deeper meaning. 'E'-Meaning 'Equality', to knowledge your knowledge, you will deal equally with everything within your cipher, which gives birth to wisdom that is showing and proving. Everything is everything, which equals one. Equality gives birth to wisdom, and mathematics do not lie. 2. Song on second album of Diana Ross. In the song she describes her companion being the love of her life, fulfilling her every desire hence everything being everything. 3. Song on Lauryn Hill's album, "Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" in which she writes; "Everything is everything What is meant to be, will be After winter, must come spring Change, it comes eventually"
A woman answered. "Mr. Simon's office."

"I want to speak to Bernie," I said.

"He's not here," she said.

"This is Bob Ward," I said. "Please have him call me when he gets back."

"Sorry," she said. "Bernie's not coming back."

"What?" It was then I remembered that Bernie's last name wasn't Simon.

"He's retired. Moved to Palm Springs," she said. "Can I give you someone else? You could talk to Jim. He's the 'new Bernie.'"

A chill shot through me. "Everything is everything," I thought. "And in Hollywood, anyone is anyone."
by Christian Coker April 2, 2006