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1. Someone who has done something so stupid, looks stupid or just is generally stupid. (Derived from 'Nubcake' or 'Noobcake')
2. Something you cut with a MacBook Air
3. One of the best things to OM NOM NOM NOM NOM
Tass: 'Omfg wang you are such a kaek you just got naded by that nub. '

Wang: 'Ur a kaek. I pwn j00 in CSS.'
Tass: 'Lies.'

Tass: 'James is teh biggest kaek in the world, raet?'
Wang: 'Yah srsly.'

Example: Nick is going to bake a kaek so Tass can cut it with his MacBook Air.
by Chris Tass-Parker November 18, 2008
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