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The Dimera is a sub-species of the oxygen thief, which is most often found in cities like Yucaipa, Phoenix, or Apache Junction.
Dimeras can most often be recognized by their tattouche bag-looks and bragamuffin behavior in on-line games.
Regardless of the frequency or severity of the denialation in games like Assasins Creed, Call of Duty Black Ops, Heroes of Newerth, or whatever game is the latest fad at that moment, a Dimera will always maintain it has superior skills than the person it lost from.

The Dimeras are in many ways similar to the professional victim, however a Dimera will never acknowledge personal failure but rather call it bad luck.

Even though a Dimera is often referred to with the shortened version Dime, a Dimera is neither attractive, nor female (see rule 37), but does often act like a female emo poser.
Situation A:
person 1: That last kill was pure luck!
Person 2: What are you talking about ?
Person 1: Seriously that tower should not have been able to hit me, that was pure luck on your part!
Person 2: Well towers shoot the closest thing to them.
Person 1: You're just a lcuky noob SOB and...
Person 2: (interrupts the other person) Ooooh I understand, you're a Dimera..... (Mutes Person 1 in voice chat and adds to banlist)

Situation B:
Person 1: Damn you barely made it out of there, well done
Person 2: Thanks but it was all planned.
Person 1: Grmbl... well you were lucky that that regeneration spawned right in front of you...
Person 2: That's not luck, that's just playing skillfully and you know ...
Person 1: (interrupts the other person) Oh my mistake I didn't realize you were a Dimera..... (Mutes person 2 in voice chat and adds to banlist)
by Chris P. Terson January 23, 2011
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