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A most unwelcome honour, a member of the Suede Patch Club is a bloke who has not had sex for so long, his gigantic balls need a suede patch sewn on to the underside to protect them from rubbing on the ground.
Hey man, how's it going, still in the Suede Patch Club?
by Choda Boy 57 August 14, 2007
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More specifically "having a Barry", and it is one of the better examples of twice-removed Australian rhyming slang.

It means you're having a bad time of things, or a shocker. The connection is Barry Crocker, an extremely naff singer from Geelong, Australia (my home town - carn the Cats!) who sang the original theme song to Neighbours and is usually seen these days singing at telethons or Carols by Candlelight or other such horseshit.

In a nutshell, shocker = Barry Crocker = Barry.

Most often used in a sporting sense, when someone asks how you performed.

PS for the Seppos out there, Neighbours is a cheap and nasty Aussie soap opera that the Brits can't get enough of. BTW, "Seppo" is another example of Aussie rhyming slang, meaning American (Yank = septic tank = seppo)
When your leggies are disappearing for 9 an over, or you've kicked 4 behinds and 2 out-on-the-full for the day, or your pitching's been racked for 3 homers in 1 innings(if you're a Seppo), mate, you are having an absolute Barry.
by Choda Boy 57 August 10, 2006
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1. A piss-funny movie that still defines every actor who was in it almost a decade later ("hey, it's that dude/chick out of 'American Pie'"), and gave the world Steve Stifler, the man every guy wanted to be, and every girl wanted to be with.

2. American Pie, the song, is a cultural atrocity from one-hit-wonder Don McLean. The reason this song is so popular is a mystery. It's one of those indulgent, over-long, over-blown, pompous efforts that says more about the singer than the object of the song. Too complex for its own good (there are a million interpretations of the lyrics), yet contains some apparently random passages which seem to have been selected just to make a rhyme. A birthday-and-wedding staple in Australia, it contains enough references to booze and Chevys to make it popular with the younger crowd even almost 40 years later. It usually comes on near the end of the night and when it does, you're supposed to stand in a circle, put your arms around each other's shoulders and sway as though you're taking part in some sort of special experience (see also Dancing Queen, The Gambler and Khe Sanh). Personally, I only like it because it gives me 8 minutes to go outside for a dart, grab a drink and get back on for the next song. Most unfortunately, the fact that it's a tribute to dead rockers has saved it from the bucketing that it truly deserves.
American Pie, the movie, is awesome.

American Pie, the song, is a piece of shit.
by Choda Boy 57 August 29, 2008
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To vomit.

I take no responsibility for this one. We had a 16 year old work-experience kid with us last week who was grossed out by an abscess. He disappeared out the back saying:
"I've gotta get some fresh air, I feel like I'm gonna ranch everywhere"
by Choda Boy 57 August 15, 2006
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Fucking disgraceful TV show about three supposed "witches" who are so fucking stupid that every episode is about one of them going out with a guy who *SURPRISE* turns out to be a demon! These three bitchy moles make sure the whole hour is filled to the gills with the same smart-mouthed, machine-gun dialogue that makes watching this and the Gilmore Girls about as much fun as sticking your chap in the toaster.

The appeal to teenage girls is therefore obvious, but this show strangely attracts a male audience who think that putting up with an hour of this shit every week is worth it because they're "hot". Guys, did you know that you can get movies with better looking chicks who, when they open their mouths, it ain't to talk?

Every thumbs down here is just one more more moronic skank in the world. So come on, let's see how many of you are willing to put your hands up and say "I'm a Charmed-watching dickhead too!"

Hey George, here's your real axis of Evil: Charmed, Smallville and the Gilmore Girls.
by Choda Boy 57 January 13, 2007
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Just about the worst show ever made, along with Charmed and the Gilmore Girls. The idea that this girly-lipped, staring poof could ever be the future Man of Steel is bad enough, let alone using the Superman story to make a fucking soap opera for teenagers.

Bring on your thumbs downs, you clueless 14 year old slurries!
Simpsons Comic Book Guy: Smallville? Worst...show...EVERRRR!
by Choda Boy 57 January 13, 2007
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A complete and utter oxygen thief.

Rob Thomas is another of today's talentless, gutless bitches who, for some bizarre reason, is supposedly a (if not THE) torch-bearer for contemporary singer-songwriters.

It would be easy to ignore this tosser as yet another creator of whingy, whiny, pass-the-Kleenex, "let's make music that millions of teenage girls will love and more importantly buy" crap. Unfortunately, endless tales of his song-writing genius are constantly rammed down our throats.

Well, if Rob Thomas is the spokesperson for our generation then Christ help us all.

Since his debut single with Matchbox 20 (at least in Australia) Push, every single song has been the same gut-wrenching tale of heart-break, woe and misery. Ever notice how every song is about how unwell/bent/diseased/generally fucked up Rob is? Ever notice how just about every line in every song starts with "I"? The world waited with baited breath when Rob cast off the shackles of his band and we were promised that, as a solo artist, Rob's full range of talents would be unleashed. What did we get? "I don't wanna be lonely no more..." Every song is overwrought with emotion, but the lyrics are like the bad poetry that freshly-dumped teenagers write and then burn immediately. What a one-trick pony. But then why change when there's the next wave of 14 year old girls to be hooked on his rubbish (and Pepsi too, the fucking shill)

By all means, have an angsty song, have an angsty album if you must, but an entire career? Even Alanis Morrisette got over hers.

We get the message, Rob. Why not try using whatever talent you have to make people feel better about themselves for a change?

And, by the way, most guys are NOT jealous of him. Not jealous of his dubious talent, and definitely not jealous of his looks. Any wonder he bangs on about being so unwell, he looks like his liver's failing.

Rob Thomas needs to be put into the same meat grinder as Ben Lee, James Blunt and all the other imitators he has spawned. See Ben Lee for more truth!!!

As the great Bill Hicks said, this is not a matter of taste or opinion. Rob Thomas sucks. End of story.
If life's so hard, Rob Thomas, don't whinge to us about it. Get off your arse and fix it!
by Choda Boy 57 August 20, 2006
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