12 definitions by Chipping Woodlet III

A type of surfer, or member of musical group named after such.
"WTF that is, some kinda grimepuppy?"

"Nuh huh, that would be onea those lombego surfers."
by Chipping Woodlet III May 23, 2007
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The way people talk when they have an elbow in thier mouth.
"Purlf? Sdnurg?"

"What the fuck is Reggie talking about?"

"Oh he's speaking elbonics, man."
by Chipping Woodlet III April 02, 2006
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A skinnyass joint thats as small as a friggin pin. Rolled by dudes who are bogart with thier weed.
"What the fuck...theres more paper than dope in this lameass pin joint..."
by Chipping Woodlet III November 29, 2005
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An antique disco scene.
"Yo, this is some terpsichorean shit that the chamber orchestra is throwing down."
by Chipping Woodlet III December 02, 2005
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A guy who is, like, totally into Judas Priest. I mean, there are dudes and then there are judes. Judes are more bitchin' than dudes, totally.
"Hey man, whats up with Chip, I heard him listening to Air Supply yesterday. I thought he was a jude..."

"What did I tell you man, he's just a fuckin' dude."
by Chipping Woodlet III April 02, 2006
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