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during the course of a MMA fight or any other notable combat sport to lay 'n' pray is to physically lay on your oppenant without striking them, trying to submit them or improve your own position.
during the entire fight, all Gray Maynard did was lay 'n' pray on his oppenant for a decision win
by Chilcotin Buddha February 01, 2009

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to stand 'n' stall is to engage your oppenant during a fight in a hugging manner either from the front or the back and make no effort to strike, takedown or submit them during the course of a MMA event or any notable combat sport
Clay Guida spent the entire fight with Nate Diaz at UFC 94 doing nothing but stand 'n' stall, that's as boring if not more then lay 'n' pray....
by Chilcotin Buddha February 01, 2009

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When one is confused and spends more time then necessary mulling over the multitude of variables that come into play when making decisions.
Much like self pleasuring, the vast amount of thoughts that pertain to the situation in which you are trying to make the decision flood or overwhelm your thought process/senses thereby causing you to become consumed with nonsensical thoughts that end up wasting yours and others time.
When Joe finally caught up with the rest of the gang they wondered what had taken him so long,

he replied 'I had to listen to Amy mentally masturbate over which iphone cover to buy'
by Chilcotin Buddha January 07, 2014

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when someone engages you or a group in conversation that consists of them telling you repeatedly on how to do your job, what a great job that you are doing or they heap unnecessary/over exaggerated praise all the while maintaining a air of superiority over you or the group they are addressing.
as we labored in the hot afternoon sun, Dean stood a few hundred meters away on a small knoll.

His arms across his chest he surveyed us as we worked, watching each man doing his assigned task under the watchful eye of the owner.
The air of self importance permeated from Dean, he was after all...all that and a bag of chips

With little thought to our schedule Dean stopped us from our respective duty's to have a meeting.
During the course of this meeting we were informed that indeed we were doing our jobs correctly, that together we can get this done and how appreciative he was of all our hard work and talked of spending time on his speed boat with some of us if we could just work a little harder to ensure we were done by weeks end.
Ah the proverbial carrot had been dangled, time on the weekend with the boss on his boat....

Alas all I could say after Dean left was "well boys, that was your verbal circle jerk for the day, I guess if we work any harder then we have we get to hang out with that douchbag on the weekend..any takers?"

We went back to work and took it down a notch after that, after all is was a hot summers day.
by Chilcotin Buddha January 07, 2014

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to be an actor or agent for a government or corporate entity that engages in 'false flag' events that after the fact are sacrificed to ensure the endgame of such events that leave no discernible loose ends and leads to further obliteration of the truth.
see Lee Harvey Oswald.
It is evident to see by the events of the JFK assassination and the subsequent arrest of the alleged gunmen Lee Harvey Oswald that culminated with Jack Ruby murdering Oswald to eliminate any possible connections it is apparent that Lee Harvey was Oswalded by the very forces he worked for.
by Chilcotin Buddha December 31, 2013

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