1 definition by Chicky Baby

Any man that is named Big Steve should never be near you.
I was walking down a dark alley, and then Big Steve showed up out of nowhere and grabbed me! He pushed me against the wall and immediately took out his 12 inch dildo and stuffed it into my mouth as he grinned evily. With his machete, he began cutting my pants until they fell off and proceeded to fondle my ass. I let out a muffled yell, but it was no use. Before I could try to defend myself, he had already slid his hard rod into my tight hole. I shut my eyes tightly and groaned as he pumped his steel into my ass, and he was loving it. Finally he shot a huge load into my ass and he pulled out, sliding the dildo out of my mouth and handing me my torn pants.

"Next weekend sound alright?" he asked.
"Sure," I responded.
by Chicky Baby August 24, 2006
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