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Depending on if there are caps, or where they are/how arranged, here we go on text exotes:
o.o : blank stare, as in "You've just lost me" Or "I care about this...Why, again?"
O.o ; o.O : Confusion, usually used together.
O.O : Suprise, shock.
Person: (insert technical jargon here)
Me: o.o
Person: and because of this, such evented happened, at such time, for such reason.
Person: You get it now?
Me: O.o
Me: o.O
Me: That was supposed to be helpful?
Person: (I'm blank on ideas, but anything that would suprise me)
Me: O.O
Me: Really?!
by Chat de Nuit October 28, 2004

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Text emote. Usually shows annoyance or loss of patience with someone/something. And expression you will get for asking stupid questions online or asl-ing someone or asking them to fuck you when they are midst rpg-session or have already made it clear they aren't interested. common response to BAD TYPING!
Idiot: who r u?
Me: (no reply)
Idiot: wan 2 fuk?
Me: (still silent)
Idiot: cum on bitch, u kno u wan 2.
Me: Go away.
Idiot: i kno u do, cum on, whas ur asl?
Me: Fuck off you dumb ass -.-
Idiot: see, u sed fuk, i knew u wanted it.
Me: Idiot.
Me -.-
Me: (Blocks future messages.)
by Chat de Nuit October 28, 2004

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The other shifty eye expression, see >.> for more information. suggests a lack of trust or belief, or annoyance. Used sometimes in pairs with the annoyed expression if you'vr forgottens something.
ME: Heyas!
Other person: Did you remember to call (insert name here)?
ME: >.>
ME: <.<
ME: >.<
Me: Demmit, I -knew- I'd forgotten something!
by Chat de Nuit October 28, 2004

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Goths tend to be people who live in the shadows. They enjoy the things mainstream society has thrown away in its industrialization and desire to have more money than their neighbors. They are fascinated by these shadows of society and cherish the knowledge of them. Because of this, yes, they do tend to be relatively 'strange' by most definitions. No, they don't all cut themselves. No, they don't really care rather you like them or not, though they would happily talk to you and explain how they see the world. No, they don't all cut themselves. And no, they don't all think that they are vampires, and in fact, not all of them like Anne Rice. We don't all wear black every moment of out life. We also dont all wear tons of black eyeliner and dark lipstick from dawn til dusk, or dusk til dawn, whatever our scedules may be. Oh, and yes, some of us DO live during the day, just like everyone else. And yes, we do have a sense of humor and laugh at ourselves upon occasion.
The quiet kids hanging out in the corners who you think are always laughing at you simlpy because they don't go out of their way to suck up and quite commonly wear dark clothing? yeah, they may be Goths.
by Chat de Nuit October 27, 2004

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Short for 'Vampire: the Masquerade'
One of those stupid things we geeks play to waste time. A type of RP/RPG. Be careful while playing this game, as some of the people can be quite deluded and think that they aren't just PLAYING as vampires but actually ARE vampires.
"Did you hear what happened during vampire the other night? (name here) thought he was one of the V:tM chars and not just pretending to be"
by Chat de Nuit October 28, 2004

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