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A malt liquor available in Canada (Alberta specifically) brewed by Mountain Crest.
It is, inevitably, the world heavyweight champion, King of Kings, of Canadian malt liquors, in terms of Alcohol by volume. it weighs in at a breathtaking 11% ABV, making it the strongest 40 currently available in the world, other than its cousin Rockhead in the US. It is best served ICE COLD and drank very fast straight out of the bottle. The sooner you down it the better, because if you wait too long to finish it it becomes a disgusting licoricey swill. Unfortunately if you drink it way too fast you will become heavily intoxicated. It is a good drink for students, bums, and other low budget drinkers.
(Friends emerge from the valley)
Bum : "ehhh fellas whatcha doin roun here?!?!"
Friend 1: "Just getting drunk"
Bum : "Me too!" (pulls out 40 of axehead)
by Chachi Mabimba August 16, 2006
1. An R&B group.

2. A lifestyle which was created to counter the heavy influence of straight edge in some parts of the world. Jagged edge (JxE or jXe) emphasizes the importance of freedom of choice, and does not offer limitations to any of its afficionados, although addiction to hard drugs is frowned upon. The symbol which is drawn on the hands, similar to straight edge, is 4 V's drawn on the knuckles, so they form a jagged line, looking like this VVVV.
1. Ansley: Did you hear the new Jagged Edge album?
Trebanga: No.

by Chachi Mabimba August 30, 2006