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A penis large enough to surpass the delight of females and the envy of males, into the territory of actual fear and awe. Term originates from the mythos surrounding a muscular Slavic student at the University of Connecticut who reportedly possesses the largest genitalia on campus. Literally translated, it is "Polish Sausage".

Also known as a kielbasa.

See also: Kevorka Polonaise.
"I heard that kid's hung like a moose."

"He ain't got no saucisson polonaise. That shit's bush-league."
by Casper McFriendly September 20, 2006
The Kevorka, or "lure of the animal", was an attribute which rendered one irresistable to women according to Baltic mythology, probably originating in Latvia. Its eastern variant, the Kevorka Polonaise (literally, "Polish Kevorka") is much the same as its Baltic neighbor; however, it is reputedly accompanied by the scent of saddle-leather and borscht.

Lovers of freedom and open lands upon which to graze, those afflicted with the Kevorka Polonaise are also historically known as great lovers. However, their powers are almost exclusively limited to smuglianki.

See also: Saucisson Polonaise, smuglianki.
"Wow, that guy's Kevorka Polonaise is off the charts."

"Yeah... hey, are we near a farm?"
by Casper McFriendly September 26, 2006