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She/He is usually very sexy and always gets the boys. She/he is very polite, kind, caring, extremely hot and very responsible. When Braidyn is around everyone is happy, Braidyn has the best smile and makes everyone's day perfect. She/He is a great hugger and if you ever want a hug from someone ask Braidyn because her/his hugs are delightful ;). The one bad thing about Braidyn is that she/he usually loves one person and one person only so if you are hoping she/he is going to love you the person she/he started with is the person she/he wants. So sorry if you were too late to catch Braidyns eye.
Person 1: "Do you know Braidyn?"

Person 2: "Of course everyone knows Braidyn, she's the sexiest one around!"
by Car Insurance February 01, 2015

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