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1.) Totally fucked up whores who mistakenly have kids at 18 or 19 yrs. Dee Dee's tend to get kicked out by their hillbilly ex-boyfriends and are left alone to raise their trashy illegitimate offspring. Some think a Dee Dee is laid back and cool, when in reality they are conniving, insecure, and mentally ill. A true Dee Dee craves lust and will suck out trucker loads to the face from any man. If you are ever traveling along I-80 across the U.S., a Dee Dee might be found in any restroom stall deep throating a greasy midget truck driver for crack cash. That's the reason all Dee Dee's have half vaginas.

2.) Dirty deeds. Bad deeds.
Raymond: Ron, where the hell have you been man!?!?!?!? We should have hit the road sooner!

Ron: -smiles and yawns- I and 9 other truckers had our morning wood logged by a whore in the mens lavatory.

Raymond: Ha ha! Sounds like a real Dee Dee!
by Captain Hot Sauce Penis Munchr February 12, 2014

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