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A word, in certain context, used to describe a person under the influence of marijuana. This word can also be used to describe someone under the influence of a hallucinogen, such as LSD.

A synonym for: baked – blasted – blazed – blitzed – carmelyzed – crossfaded – crunched – crunk – faded – geeked – high – high as a kite – lit – lit up – low – ripped – sketch – skunked – smoked out – stoned – stuck – tall – tweeked – zoned.
Dude, that weed was great. I am frosty as a motherfucker right now.

Lucas: Hey Tommy, how you feeling?
Tommy: I'm so frosty I can't see straight...
by Captain Shabby October 04, 2014

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An area set aside specifically for smoking weed. This area is usually a garage, a bedroom, or living room. It will usually be littered with smoking paraphernalia.
If you're looking to smoke, lets go to the stoner den. We can chief up there without having to be paranoid.
by Captain Shabby October 05, 2014

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A sensation in which a person is at the point of inebriation under any substance in which the body is asleep, but the mind is fully awake.

A person that seems to be asleep, but is mentally fully aware of their surroundings.
Lucas: Dude, you were so high last night you fell asleep.
Pardoo: No I didn't, I was just gooped.
by Captain Shabby October 05, 2014

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