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A pirate, a thief of the sea, sails around in a boat theiving, killing and generally pissing off the Ninja (its natural enemy and the only being to be worthy enough of a pirate's hate) by being so much better than it.

Here is a list of pirate superpowers:

- The ability to heal flesh wounds in a secong *as illustrated in most cartoons/movies*

- The ability to morph either hand to a hook and back again instantaniusly

- The ability to kick a ninja's ass

- Sink small islands with their eyes

- Summon the flying spaggheti monster *yet only if the need is dier*

- Whoop anyones ass at halo

- Legally buy pirated dvds/cds/videos/music

- They are ALLOWED to run around without any clothes on fighting other sweaty men, its practically a law

- The ability to beat, not only ninjas, but yes, even SPIDERMAN!!

- Summon a troop of purple flying hippos to their aid in battle

For this reason and many more, i urge you all


unless your not col enuf to pull it off that is!
ME! Capn' Bonbon *Best pirate ever*
by Capn' Bonbon May 01, 2007

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