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Ancient Greek mythological goddess of wisdom, said to have been born from the head of Zeus. Is often portrayed as warlike, wearing a helm, armour, carrying a spear and the legendary shield AEgis and accomponied by an owl.

The city of Athens was named after her after a contest between herself and Poseidon, god of the sea. The competition involved giving the new city the greatest gift - Poseidon gave them the river, but Athena gave them olive trees.
I often imagine Athena's armour to be blue, due to a Greek mythology graphic novel I once read as a child.
by Cap'n Shensisque June 10, 2005

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Ægis, Greek mythology.
The goatskin breastplate or shield of Zeus(King of the gods) or Athena (goddess of wisdom). The shield, Ægis, when carried by Athena has the head of Medusa, retaining its powers of petrification, attached to the center.

The shield offered protection and security - to be under the ægis of someone, or something, is to be under its protection.
In WWII, foreign ministers entered warring territories under the ægis of diplomacy.
by Cap'n Shensisque June 10, 2005

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Or Æsahættr.
The name of the subtle knife in Philip Pullman's 'The Subtle Knife'. A knife with a blade so fine it can cut through anything, including the fabric between universes.
Read Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy.
by Cap'n Shensisque June 09, 2005

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