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The largest city in alberta and the best city in Canada.
With a population of just over a million people it is big but not too big.Its great location in the shadow of the rocky mountains is not only beautiful but also allows calgary to experience chinook winds during the long cold prarie winter.
Calgary is also much cleaner than other simular sized cities such as winnipeg or edmonton.
The popluation of Calgary is very diverse and is not just a bunch of cowboys and white collar pricks as many edmontonians will have you beleive.

Calgary is a awesome place to live.
edmontonian:"Calgary sucks waah,waaa,waaah..."

calgarian:"shutup you jealous prick"
by Canada eh? November 24, 2010

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The big flat rectangle in the middle of Canada.
Saskatchewan is very beautiful,
the southern half of the province is endless rolling farmland while the northern portion is beautiful boreal forest dotted with lakes.
The population of saskatchewan is just over a million.
About half the pop. lives in the two major cities saskatoon and the capital regina. The remainder of the population lives throughout saskatchewans warm and friendly small towns and on the endless farmlands of southern saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan is a great place to live and if you dont like it here you must be from Toronto!
We are going to Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan for our camping trip this summer.
by Canada eh? November 13, 2010

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The largest city in saskatchewan with a population of around 230,000 in the city proper and close to 260,000 in the CMA.Saskatoon however is not the capital.That is regina a slightly smaller city 250km south.

Saskatoon is home to the University of Saskatchewan which is a very fine school.

There are some negative aspects of living in saskatoon.The biggest of which is the long harsh winter.
Nightime lows in the -30 and -40 range is not uncommon however it is a dry cold and most days are sunny so it is bearable to a certain extent.
Thankfully the summer is very pleasent with daytime tempratures in the 20-30 range and nightime lows around 10 degrees celcius.Saskatoon also experiences up to 19 hours of daylight from may-july.

Another issue in Saskatoon in recent years is the traffic problems.10-15 years ago,roads were virtually empty and one could drive anywhere in under 10 minutes.You could also ride the bus for under $1.Saskatoons population has boomed since then and rush hour commutes of up to an hour is not uncommon.Less people use public transport due to the poor coverage and insane rates of close to $3!

Lastly crime is becoming somewhat of a problem.While most of it is non violent petty crime that stays mostly contained in the downtown and west side,it is there.

All in all Saskatoon is not a bad place to live if you can handle the cold and don't mind some bigger city problems.
vancouverite 1;"I'm going to the U of S in saskatoon".

vancouverite 2;"Better bundle up!"
by Canada eh? November 24, 2010

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