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Good job guys the word undefined is the most trending word on a dictionary. Way to fuckin go
by Canada amazin January 19, 2018
An Lebanese assasin who eats a lot of lebni
by Canada amazin January 15, 2018
I’m sorry but who are these guys. All I know is that these assholes got jake Paul to the cancer loser he is. Let’s go through the team ten members in its everyday bro. Nick crompton, a fat man who is so dumb that he thought England Is a city. Chance, who this? Tessa brooks, she flies like a drone and smells good. Martinez twins, smart enough to leave this shithole of a group. And most of all jake Paul, who is by far the best songwriter no where and he is number one. Fuck them all
Team ten, na fam it’s Logan Paul suicide all the way.
by Canada amazin January 19, 2018