7 definitions by Campbell Adam Rhys

Metaphysical terminology: To destroy one in court.
I will fucking kill you.(Metaphysically speaking - its illegal to kill somebody in real life. God does not allow murders into heaven - cold blooded or egotistical.

Might be misunderstood as a threat on one's life, thats on them for not continuing learning not you.
by Campbell Adam Rhys January 01, 2021
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A doctor who works on the spirit part of your body.
For example imagine you unfortunately got hit by a train your body would go splat but your soul would be beside the material or maybe even disbanded around it until it the train was finished moving over that particular area of ground
At that point your soul would repiece and you would be gazing at yourself waiting for your elders to whom ever to come take you to your next zone.

Anyway that spirit is the part of your body that the spirit doctor would preform his practice on.

Although to you it would appear as if he was preforming his work on the vessel.
by Campbell Adam Rhys December 28, 2020
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Giant limestone battery, used for harnessing mass amounts of energy.
Activate the pyramids for the warpgate!
by Campbell Adam Rhys January 11, 2021
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Unconcious human
Runs around talking doesn't know what its talking about

Hears things repeats the wrong thing
Someone shut that yodul up!
by Campbell Adam Rhys December 22, 2020
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