1 definition by Cameron Jayne

A rich snobby city located 15 minutes from boston. The majority of people are white and the ones that aren't should be considered white. An average day in the life of a "newtonite" is spent by using their daddy's credit cards and doing drugs. Everyone in newton owns more than one house and about 5 cars. The daily uniform is northface and uggs, no matter the weather for girls. The dress code for guys is a preppy polo (a known label, polo, lacoste) and khaki's. All the kids cosider themselves gods gift to the world which their mothers reinforce that idea. There's no such thing as a bad grade, because their mommy's and daddies get them out of it.
Girl: Can i have the history homework?

Guy: Ohh, no i didn't do it, there's no reason to. My mom's having an affair with the teacher so i get A's anyways.

Girl: Really? Because i thought my dad was!
by Cameron Jayne April 29, 2005
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