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a nerd who insists on wearing jeans and a sweatshirt when it's super hot outside and stopped wearing uniform (navy blue bottoms and white polo shirt) in seventh grade
wow. that guy is a chanes-mets. what a NERD.
by CHANES-METS July 02, 2006

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a clueless anorexic bathroom goer who tends to run into chicken wire and flip over, get hit by flying apples when he knows it's coming, get hit with cards in the face, slip and fall over a tree root, not know his rolling briefcase's (cause he doesn't have a rolling backpack) lock combination (cause somebody changed it) and go through the whole day trying to figure out the combo, miss the trashcan when one foot away, slip and fall in the mud and has herbal essences hair.
ewwww..you're such a chanes-mets.
by CHANES-METS June 22, 2006

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a chick like Costco-she gives out free samples
get outta here, you virginia!
by CHANES-METS June 23, 2006

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